This isn’t a review for the Amazon show Bosch. I haven’t even seen the show.

When Bosch Season 1 was first released almost three years ago, about the same time I started using Amazon Prime, it didn’t really catch my interest. I saw it there a few times, even received a few Amazon recommendations in my email but I didn’t bother with it – I knew it was based on a Michael Connelly book series, the reviews were very good and I knew it starred Titus Welliver who was a very familiar face but not a very familiar name. Most times I went on Amazon looking for what to watch, it was right there. I remember wanting to start it once and then finding something else and almost immediately forgetting about it.

Like Netflix, Amazon doesn’t release viewership data for its video service or programs, it does however tout high customer ratings for Bosch and three seasons later they have been able to garner fresh interest in the show propelling it to new heights (I know this because lots of people are suddenly talking Bosch for the first time) and though Amazon used a fusion of strategies to make this happen, one that was able to convert me was its content marketing strategy.

Before the launch of Season 3 on April 21st, 2017, Bosch was all up in my grill. It wasn’t just the reviews which like previous seasons were mostly positive, I think it was those little posts here and there that talked about the characters and especially the title character played by Welliver. When I really think of it, I think maybe my initial lack of interest was a lack of knowledge about the characters and who played them.

I wouldn’t know all the ways Amazon promoted Bosch, but for me, even though I wasn’t looking, I saw Bosch in places I was going. It wasn’t interruptive, it was subtle but effective and they weren’t tooting their horns, they were building the Bosch brand in several ways.

As I start to watch Bosch, probably this weekend, I can’t stop thinking of Intuitive Content Marketing strategies that Amazon used to successfully promote the brand:

• Attract – Write interesting and captivating content.
• Distribute – Utilize appropriate channels including Social Media to get your message across.
• Influencers – Get others to toot your horn. Don’t do it.